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Counterspin – February 19, 2010

this episode is no longer available


Sebastian Jones on Media-Lobbying Complex, Ibrahim Hooper on Islamville TV report



This week on CounterSpin: Paid-for pundits. If you've ever wondered who the so-called experts pontificating on cable news channels really are, a new investigation published in the Nation magazine gives you some answers. Reporter Sebastian Jones will join us to talk about the secret corporate PR spinners and lobbyists who pose as pundits—without viewers knowing who they're actually working for.


Also on CounterSpin today: Did a local Nashville TV newscast, which featured extremist anti-Muslim propaganda and warnings about the terrorist among us, spark a vandalism attack on an area mosque? Many Nashvillians, including many in the city's Muslim community think so. We'll talk with CAIR's Ibrahim Cooper about anti-Muslim attacks and media responsibility.

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