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Democracy Now! (9 am) – April 25, 2008

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Forty Years After Historic Columbia Strike, Four Leaders of 1968 Student Uprising Reflect.


    * Facing Fuel Shortage, UN Halts Aid to Gaza
    * Israeli Ambassador to UN: Carter a “Bigot”
    * 7 Killed, 45 Wounded in Baghdad Clashes
    * I-G: Pentagon Overestimating Iraq Troop Readiness
    * Admin Shares Intel on Alleged Syrian Nuke Site
    * Pakistan Nearing Truce with Militants
    * WFP Warns of Food Aid Cut
    * Soaring Heating Costs Could Bring Record Energy Shut-Offs
    * Senate Commerce Committee Moves to Veto FCC Repeal of Media Ownership Limits
    * Obama’s Ex-Pastor Breaks Silence Following Controversy over Criticism
    * More Headlines…

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