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Democracy Now! (9 am) – April 15, 2008

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War Tax Resistance: How a Portland Couple Have Refused to Pay Taxes for Over 30 Years to Protest Military Funding. Lawmakers Hold Tax Day Press Conference on Cost of Iraq War. Torture and Democracy, Part II: Scholar Darius Rejali Details the History and Scope of Modern Torture. Portland Considered Most Bicycle-Friendly City in North America. Thousands of Children Pack Seattle Arena to Hear Dalai Lama.

Today’s Headlines

    * Ban Ki-moon: Global Food Crisis Reaches Emergency Proportions
    * Food Protests Start in Bangladesh and South Africa
    * US Food Inflation at Highest Level in 17 Years
    * US Military to Release AP Photographer After Two Years
    * Kidnapped CBS Journalist Released in Iraq
    * GOP Congressman Describes Obama as a “Boy”
    * Delta and Northwest Airlines to Merge
    * Israel Blocks Jimmy Carter from Entering Gaza
    * Maoist Rebels Win Majority in Nepalese Assembly
    * Pope Benedict XVI Begins US Trip
    * Four US Journalists Arrested in Niger Delta

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