Special Programming

KPFA Special Broadcast – February 5, 2008

this episode is no longer available

On February 5th, voters in 22 states will caucus and vote on the composition of roughly half the delegates at this year’s Democratic and Republic national conventions (and more than a third of the delegates in the Green convention). It’s the biggest Super Tuesday ever—and virtually guaranteed to determine which candidates will go to the mat for the presidency in November.

For Republicans, it’s a battle of the base, as candidates representing the party’s libertarians, evangelicals, and business conservatives pull the GOP in opposite directions. For Democrats, it’s a battle of the buck between the two best-financed candidates in the history of American politics.

KPFA/Pacifica will bring you up-to-the minute voting results, speeches from winners and losers, and analysis of who’s voting, why, and what it all portends for November. Veteran Pacifica broadcaster and Polk Award winner Larry Bensky will co-anchor from the studios of KPFA along with KPFA host and producer Aimee Allison. Additional contributions from Hard Knock Radio’s Davey D.

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