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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 15, 2005

Israeli Settlers Resist Gaza Pullout, Palestinians Call for Withdrawal from
Thousands of settlers are refusing to leave their homes in Gaza settlements
today as Israeli soldiers and police order them to move out. The pullout
is seen by some as a strategy by the Israeli state to consolidate its hold over
the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Others see it as a necessary step in the
to peace in Israel-Palestine. We speak with a resident of Gush Katif who
is resisting the pullout, the director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights,
a journalist who spent time with soldiers and settlers and the founder of

Aceh Peace Agreement Leaves Indonesian Military in Place
A peace accord is signed between the Indonesian government and the Acehnese
rebels. The deal disarms only one side, leaving the Indonesian military in place.
We speak with award-winning journalist and activist Allan Nairn.

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