The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: What’s Happening and Why?

Salima Hamirani discusses the intensifying refugee crisis facing the Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma, also known as Myanmar. The Rohingya are recognized as the world’s largest stateless group.

First, we hear from a Rohingya human rights activist about what the situation on the ground in Burma, followed by testimony from others about the violence and oppression they have faced. For their safety, we will not be using the names of those interviewed.

For broader context, we speak to Jeanne Marie Hallacy, documentary filmmaker and longtime Burma specialist, about issues of statelessness, the conditions for Rohingya in the camps, and the political motivations behind their repression.


  • Jeanne Marie Hallacy, photographer and documentary filmmaker of several films about the Burma, including the most recent Sittwe, which was banned from its premier in the country.
  • Rohingya human rights activist and other Rohingya voices and testimonies
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