Explanation of KPFA Technical Facilities

KPFA has 4-Control Rooms and Five Studios.

Control Rooms can connect to any Studios except for News Control and the News Studio which is permanently attached.

The Control Rooms are named: KPFA OnAir (or OnAir), Main Production, KPFB and News. Control Rooms have the mixer and other gear.

The Studios have letters : Studio A/Studio B/ Studio C/Studio D (also known as the Performance Room). The Studios have microphones and headphones or no gear all all.

The News Studio is called the News Studio since it cannot be detached.

The staff page shows the current bookings.  One color is Main Production. The other color is everything else and will say what it is.

To book any KPFA facility for production you can contact Deverol Ross or Michael Yoshida either by email or phone. Go to the Booking Listings page link above.

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