Photo from As the first of many J20 conspiracy case trials draws to a close, we have a lot to catch you up on. Sorry for the delay with this update… it turns out that fighting state repression is exhausting. First, a sliver of good news. On Wednesday, December 13th, during a hearing on a motion for judgement of aquittal, Judge Lynn Leibovitz  She stated that there was … Continued

Photo from @sorayagiaccardi Students and community members in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan took part in a wide variety of actions under the banner, #StopSpencer. Students are hoping to build up popular opposition to Alt-Right leader and white nationalist speaker Richard Spencer, who is looking to speak on campus after his magnificent failure … Continued

Photo from @DLamotJenkins The first of the J20 conspiracy trials resumed on Monday, November 27th. The prosecution continued its presentation of witnesses and evidence, including testimony from employees and managers of businesses in the downtown Washington, DC area that reported broken windows on Inauguration Day. Despite being in the second week of trial,there has still been no particularized evidence … Continued

In this episode, we talk to an organizer with Parkdale Organize, an autonomous and grassroots working-class organization in so-called Toronto, Canada, which has worked to build the power of collective action among various apartment buildings, neighborhoods, and workplaces. In this discussion, we talk about gentrification in Toronto, but moreover about how the group went about … Continued