The following audio report comes from our friends at Broken Record Radio out of Santa Rosa, California and features several audio interviews with demonstrators out on the streets of San Francisco during an Afrin support rally in San Francisco. Those interviewed are part of the local Kurdish community and discussed how they see the unfolding … Continued

“I feel like it’s building towards something. What we’re seeing with Operation PUSH, is just another link in the chain towards a building a huge movement…” – Karen, Gainesville IWOC Cover photo from Oakland IWOC In this audio report and interview with Karen from Gainesville Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP), … Continued

In this episode, we talk with someone from the long running Earth First! Journal, a magazine that chronicles the radical environmental movement in the US and abroad. In August of this year, the Earth First! movement, which has no official membership or leaders, was sued after a lawsuit was mailed to the Earth First! Journal along with Greenpeace and … Continued

Photo: IWW Hall and Offices of Italian Anarchist Publication “The Social Question,” in New Jersey The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), also known as ‘the Wobblies,’ founded in 1905 along revolutionary syndicalist and anti-electoral lines, remains a continuing source of inspiration for modern autonomous anti-capitalists in North America. Feb 5, 1924 IWW union members, … Continued