Cover Photo from @ArthurVandelayy In the past week, President Trump referred to undocumented migrants from Central America as “animals,” protests continued to confront Georgia State Senator, Michael William’s “Deportation Bus,” and protests in New York denounced a racist lawyer who attempted to call ICE on a group of restaurant workers because they were speaking Spanish. … Continued

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we caught up with one of the people involved in the Occupied Southwest Distro, which is an insurrectionary and anti-colonial anarchist literature distribution project in the so-called Phoenix, Arizona area (Akimel O’odham Territory). While our previous audio report brought us voices of two teachers who were involved in the strikes, … Continued

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talked again with a member of the CNT (National Confederation of Labor), a combative anarcho-syndicalist union in Spain, about the recent feminist general strike on March 8th, which took place on Internationalist Women’s Day and was “intended to highlight sexual discrimination, domestic violence and the wage gap.” As one text … Continued

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