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War In the Swamps: A Conversation With L’eau Est La Vie Camp

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we were lucky enough to catch up with people involved in the L’eau Est La Vie camp, which is fighting the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, a project run by Energy Transfer Partners, or ETP, the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In the heart of the swamp itself, we discuss what has been happening with the camp in the past 6 months; since we last talked with Water Protectors involved in resistance to the Bayou Bridge pipeline. In that time, things have escalated on the side of ETP, and also in the courts. ETP goons have harassed and attacked Water Protectors, coming into protest sites and pointing guns at unarmed people. They have removed tree sits and other structures, often putting people’s lives in danger. In the background, a series of court rulings have ruled against pipeline construction, yet ETP continues to build and is looking for used heavy equipment for sale to finish the construction.

Also, a new anti-protest bill has been rammed through the courts, which makes even trespassing on pipeline property a felony. Despite this, resistance to the pipeline continues, and people are needed now more than ever, as spirits remain high that locals and their allies will be able to cut off the tail end of the black snake.

In the face of the coming together of corporate, police, and State power, let us imagine a growing and evolving resistance movement that can defeat one of the most opposed pipeline projects in modern history, in a territory known for resistance to colonialism.

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