It's Going Down

Through the Tear Gas: An Audio Report Back from La ZAD

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we were lucky enough to catch up to someone with the anarchist news and counter-information project, Enough is Enough based out of Europe. They had just returned from La ZAD over the weekend and were able to document both solidarity demonstrations in Nantes, about 30 minutes outside of La ZAD, which lead to intense clashes with the police, as well as the battle inside the Zone to Defend itself. Throughout out interview, we discuss these clashes, the effort to rebuild homes destroyed by police at La ZAD, as well as the role of international solidarity efforts.

As we discuss in the podcast, the situation in France right now is accelerating. Many are gearing up with the 50th anniversary of May 1968, while railroad workers are on strike and thousands of students have occupied their campuses. At the same time, solidarity demonstrations are happening across the country and the world in solidarity with La ZAD, and as our guest discusses, these various struggles are all finding each other and coming together in the streets.

What the future holds for La ZAD is uncertain, but what is clear is that people are attempting to rebuild what they can, and they will continue to fight for the new way of life that they have created. What does remain unclear is if the State will continue to crack down against the so-called squatters in such brutal fashion, or if at some point it will give up due to lack of resources and inability to control the situation. Currently, the State has given those living on the ZAD several days to fill out a set of forms to continue living there, but it remains to be seen if people will choose to work within this path set out by the State, or reject it across the board.

Whatever happens, continued support and solidarity with La ZAD remains an inspiration for those on the ground fighting – and more of it is needed, as the battle is far from over.

More Info: Enough is Enough coverage and One Week at War for La ZAD: A Timeline

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