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IGDCAST: Building A Base of Support and Autonomy in Brooklyn

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In this episode of the IGDCAST, we sit down with two members of The Base, an anarchist social center and organizing hub in Brooklyn, New York. Situated in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US, The Base is attempting to build a community of support for anarchist ideas and action while creating a place for revolutionaries to gather and organize.

Growing out of a need during the time of Occupy Wall Street to provide a space for anarchists to grow and organize, The Base soon developed to become a force in the Brooklyn area. Currently, The Base is a the center of various organizing projects and a host for a variety of events. These groups include NYC Anarchist Black Cross, Brooklyn Solidarity Network, Rojava Solidarity NYC, and many more.

During the conversation, organizers at The Base also look back at the rise and fall of activity around social movements and eruptions as Occupy and Black Lives Matter, discuss protests following the police murder of Eric Garner, fights over gentrification and condos, and the recent Abolition Square occupation. Organizers also discuss strategies for monetarily maintaining the event space and avoiding burnout.

The podcast ends on thoughts about how such social centers could federate and work together, and also touches on ways that anarchists could better work together by dropping pretensions of secretarian differences and instead work on common projects and campaigns.

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