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IGDCAST: Black Women’s Defense League

On March 11th and 12th, hundreds of people converged in Oakland and San Francisco for a two-day festival called the ROAR, or Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism Conference. The conference brought together black liberation, indigenous, anarchist, and anti-fascist groups to discuss and look back not only on past struggles for liberation, but to think and strategize about the path ahead. It’s Going Down was lucky enough to be able to record some of the talks that took place. What follows is a presentation from the Black Women’s Defense League of Dallas, Texas.

The talk itself discusses the group’s overall project of confronting patriarchy, black liberation, training, and community empowerment. It also offers a feminist history of the black liberation movement and presenters argue that without attacking patriarchy, the black liberation movement itself will not be able to confront and destroy white supremacy.

This recording is the first in a series taken at the ROAR Conference. Expect more in the days to follow.

Music: Santigold
More Info: Black Women’s Defense League 

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