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Growing Eco Direct Action & the Need for Movement Media

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we caught up with two members of the Earth First! Journal collective, to discuss the state of the radical environmental movement, the journal itself, current campaigns which are inspiring them, the need for revolutionary media infrastructure, an update on a lawsuit against them we discussed on a previous podcast, and also their recent plans to move the Earth First! office to the Pacific Northwest.

To start off, we discuss the growing radical and direct action based environmental movement, which presently seems to be growing, both in terms of broad public support, but also in terms of size and terrain. We discuss inspiring campaigns against logging in the Mattole in Northern California, anti-pipeline fights against the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana, and the growing tree-sits and blockades in the Hellbender Autonomous Zone. We discuss how these tactics have grown or changed, not only since Standing Rock, but also over the last several decades.

We then switch gears and discuss the state of the Earth First! Journal, which is a long running radical environmental and green anarchist publication that covers a variety of Native, ecological, and direct action based movements and campaigns. We talk about why it is important to have a publication in an age of the internet, what it is like to run a magazine with a rotating case of editors, and how revolutionary media can grow in the present terrain of Facebook and crowd funding.

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#NoMVP #NoACP #FTP #Virginia #WestVirginia #USFS #NoPipelines Full article in It’s Going Down. “As protesters continue to stay in trees without food or water, the situation is approaching a boiling point. Will the police let the protesters die? Trish L McLawhorn has been on the ground on Bent Mountain at Camp W.A.N.G.A providing help for Red and her daughter, and she said something needs to happen now. “What are Governor Northam and his wife going to do about our situation on the mountain? I shared the Roanoke Times article with Ms. Northam, and she responded ‘Have you guys called 911?’ I explained, well, we are beyond 911, because 911 is sitting 20 feet away from us.” McLawhorn added. While Red has at least received a small amount of food from the police, the situation on Pocahontas Rd at the monopod has been dire. Police are tampering with the monopod support ropes, carrying semi-automatic weapons, and harassing the support camp, all while depriving Nutty of food and water. They have set fires underneath the monopod, played loud music at nighttime, run a generator, and continue to shine high-beam lights at Nutty every night to deprive them of sleep. When Nutty was last spoken with, she didn’t mention coming down as an option. “We are making it harder for this pipeline, but the police always defend power. Let people know, they should come out here.” Nutty said."

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We end by discussing what is next for the EF!J, as well as get an update on the lawsuit against the Earth First! movement we heard about last time people from the EF!J were on the show. This episode is a great and moving discussion not only on the state of ecological struggles on the ground, but also in terms of grassroots media which is fighting to give it a voice.

More Info: Earth First! Newswire and Earth First! crowd funding campaign to help with move.

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