The Epic Story of Race and the American Media

Letters and Politics


With journalist and investigative reporter Juan Gonzalez.   Gonzalez is the co-host of the radio and television program Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. He was also a columnist for the New York Daily News from 1987 to 2016.  Juan Gonzalez is author of Harvest of Empire: A Histoty of Latinos in America. And his latest News for All The People: The Epic … Continued

Suicides in CA Women’s Prisons; Joseph Stiglitz on the Euro



Recently, wardens at two California women’s prisons have stepped down amidst allegations of misconduct, abuse, and persistent suicide. One of these prisons, California Institution for Women (CIW), has a suicide rate that is 8 times the national average for people in women’s prisons, and 5 times the rate for all California prisons. What is going on? We … Continued

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