Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Democrats acquiesce to moderate and Republican demands to limit $1,400 pandemic relief payment. Party line tie vote of HHS Secretary nominee, Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General. House Democrats poised to pass For the People Act to protect … Continued

Hard Knock Radio

Lama Rod Owens: Love and Rage

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Love  and  Rage; The Path of Liberation Through Anger is  a  deep  dive  into how  we  are  shaped  by  our  perceptions of anger in a culture marked by dividedness and contempt. Through mindfulness and  compassion-based  practices, Lama Rod Owens shows us how the power of rage can be transformed into a force of healing in our … Continued

Against the Grain

Fund Drive Special: The BBC and Against the Grain’s 18th Birthday

Trusted, impartial and independent? Or largely unaccountable and part of the Establishment? Sociologist Tom Mills considers the evidence about the enormously influential British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC, which is much revered amongst progressives in the United States and elsewhere. And closer to home, we celebrate the 18th anniversary of this radio program, Against the Grain. … Continued

Guest: David Dayen is the executive editor of The American Prospect. He currently is authoring the Prospect Magazine special series First 100: An In-Depth Look at President Biden and the New Administration.  David Dayen is the author of Monopolized: Life in an Age of Corporate Power and Chain of Title, winner of the Studs and Ida Terkel Prize for … Continued

0:08 – Fund Drive Special: A Black Women’s History of the US Daina Ramey Berry (@DainaRameyBerry) is the Oliver H. Radkey Regents Professor of History and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Texas at Austin. Kali Nicole Gross (@KaliGrossPhD) is the Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of History at Rutgers University. They’ve … Continued

I Had That Tape

I Had That Tape – March 3, 2021

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A weekly show that plays Bay Area Rap Music from the 80’s & 90’s. From the turf rappers to the backpackers and conscious emcees, this show dives deep into one of Hip-Hop’s more prolific & diverse regions where the independent hustle reigns supreme, hosted by DJ Mike Biggz.

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