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Can I say F#@K on the Air? How do I book a studio? Where can I find a release form for the speaker I’m recording tonight? Can I interview a political candidate? How do I make a playlist for my music show? Does KPFA have a handbook for paid and unpaid staff?
Below you’ll find answers to lots of questions you might have about working at KPFA.


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Promos Guidelines

Fund Drive Related:

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 All Staff:

Broadcast Release Forms:

  1. Talent Broadcast Release Form
  2. Political Candidate Equal Time Form
  3. Equal Time Rules PRIMER


Cart Information Form

KPFA Programming and Elections Policy/Requirements

Misuse of EAS Alert Tones Rules:

  1. FCC fines Turner Broadcasting
  2. Public Notice to Stop False Alerts


Music Streaming:

  1. Copyright Confessor Manual
  2. Off Air Confessor Playlist Editing
  3. Performance Rights Waiver Form
  4. Streaming Music Tutorial


Obscenity/Profanity/Indecency Rules:

  1. Sensitive Language PRIMER
  2. Powerpoint Sensitive Language Quiz
  3. Obscenity/Profanity Accidentally Broadcast Form


Program Evaluation Forms:

  1. Self Evaluation Form
  2. Programmer Evaluation Form
  3. New Programming Ideas Forms


Staff Travel Reimbursement:

  1. Instructions
  2. Downloadable Expenses Spreadsheet


Paid Staff:

  1. KPFA Timecard
  2. Employee Direct Deposit
  3.  Employee Handbook


Unpaid Staff:

  1. Employee Handbook








Attachment Size
KPFA Time Card 56.47 KB
Candidate Equal Time form.pdf 61.18 KB
Indecency Form 83.18 KB
Pacifica Release 334.71 KB
Payola Form 396.48 KB
Premium Submit Form 389.72 KB
Programmer Evaluation 6.81 KB
Self Evaluation Form 11.36 KB
indecency_signature_form.pdf 213.05 KB
copyright-confessor-guide_kpfa.pdf 602.1 KB
kpfa guidelines for elections.doc 14.5 KB
streamingmusic_release_dmca.pdf 58.45 KB
indecency_sensitive_language_report.pdf 405.32 KB
streamingmemojuly2009_crigler.pdf 89.85 KB
cart_info_form.pdf 1.06 MB
kpfa_direct_deposit_enrollment_form.pdf 187.83 KB
pacifica_handbook_-_paid_-_1-30.pdf 215.54 KB
pacifica_handbook_-_volunteer_-1-30.pdf 145.13 KB
indecency_quiz_by_john_crigler.pps 1.34 MB
instructions_for_travel_reimbursement.pdf 31.44 KB
expense_report_form.xls 42 KB
fcc_enforcement_advisory.pdf 308.02 KB
public_notice_fcc_acts_to_stop_use_of_false_eas.pdf 114.69 KB
ing_contributions_and_beneficiaries_forms.pdf 133.72 KB
kpfa_guidelines_for_elections.doc 14.5 KB
freepbx_extensions.ods 13.08 KB

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