To schedule time contact:

Deverol Ross: or (510) 848-6767 ext 217
Michael Yoshida: or (510) 848-6767 ext 218

Control Room time does not include an engineer. That must be arranged separately.

It is the responsibility of the Programmer to check the calendar to confirm that requested booking is accurate. You will not be contacted after making your booking request. The listing on the calendar is the final booking and is assigned on a first come, first served basis with airtime considerations.

Production time will be held for 10 minutes before we determine that it’s a ‘No Show’ and time may be reassigned to anyone requesting it. Engineering must be contacted in order for the time to be held.

KPFA reserves the right to pre-empt any booking for engineering and onair considerations.

Explanation of KPFA Technical Facilities:

  • KPFA has 4-Control Rooms and Five Studios.
  • Control Rooms can connect to any Studios except for News Control and the News Studio which is permanently attached.
  • The Control Rooms are named: KPFA OnAir (or OnAir), Main Production, KPFB and News. Control Rooms have the mixer and other gear.
  • The Studios have letters : Studio A/Studio B/ Studio C/Studio D (also known as the Performance Room). The Studios have microphones and headphones or no gear all all.
  • The News Studio is called the News Studio since it cannot be detached.
  • The staff page shows the current bookings. One color is Main Production. The other color is everything else and will say what it is.

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