Quincy McCoy, General Manager,, Ext 203
Laura Prives, Program Director,, Ext 201
Maria Negret, Business Manager,, Ext 208
*Click here for KPFA’s most recent UN-AUDITED financial statement.
*Click here to see KPFA’s public files.
*To obtain copies of KPFA’s audited financial reports, contact Maria Negret.
Michael Yoshida, Chief Engineer/Chief Operator,, Ext 218

Local Station Board
Listener members: Craig Alderson (Secretary), Mal Burnstein, Virginia Browning, Jose Luis Fuentes, Donald Goldmacher, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, Cynthia Johnson, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Samsarah Morgan, Andrea Prichett, Kate Tanaka, Ramses Teon-Nichols (Vice Chair), Carole Travis (Chair), Barbara Whipperman (Treasurer), Burton White and Margy Wilkinson. Staff members: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, David Gans, David Landau, Joy Moore, Lewis Sawyer and Frank T. Sterling Jr.
*Click here for more information on LSB, meeting records and future meeting information.
*Listeners are invited to contact the board with questions, comments, or ideas by sending an email to:

Pacifica National Board
KPFA Berkeley: Jose Luis Fuentes-Roman, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Janet Kobren (Secretary), Margy Wilkinson. KPFK Los Angeles: Rodrigo Argueta, Lydia Brazon (Chair), Brenda Medina (Assistant Secretary), Lawrence Reyes. KPFT Houston: Adriana Casenave, Robert L. Mark, George Reiter, Teresa Allen. WBAI New York: Carolyn Birden, Janet Coleman, Cerene Roberts, Stephen M. Brown. WPFW Washington DC: Jim Brown, Benito A.Diaz, Peter Tucker, Tony Norman (Vice Chair). AFFILIATES:  WVQR, Vieques, PR, Robert Rabin Siegal and WFAI, Minneapolis/St. Paul Minn., Janis Lane-Ewart
*Click here for more information on Upcoming and Past PNB Meetings
*For more information about Pacifica Foundation Radio

Community Advisory Board
CAB Members: Jennifer Fazio, Judith Gips, Rahman Jamaal, Steve Martinot, Mary Prophet, Carol Wolfley,  Rich Stone and Karen Nyhus.
*Click here or more information on CAB, meeting records and future meeting information.
*The KPFA Community Advisory Board can be reached at:

Apprenticeship Program
Micky Mayzes,, Ext 235
Program Description and Application Information

Business Office
Maria Negret, Business Manager,, Ext 208
Angie Llarinas, Bookkeeping Assistant

Community Calendar
To listen to a current calendar dial ext 621

Crafts Fair
Jan Etre, KPFA Crafts Fair Coordinator,, ext 243

Events and Traffic
Bob Baldock, Events Coordinator,, 510-848-5006
Mike Biggz, Traffic/PSA Coordination,, ext 212

Fundraising / Development
Payments questions, EFT/Credit Card changes and address changes, ext 253
Premium/pledge gift questions,, ext 610
Chris Stehlik, Database Manager,, ext 253
Brooke Caputo, Interim Subscriptions Director,, ext 289
James Schnitzen, Subscriptions Assistant,, ext. 258

Music Submissions:

General information, ext. 699
Newsroom Fax 510-848-3812
Aileen Alfandary, co-Director, ext 230
Mark Mericle, co-Director, ext 231
Gabriela Castelan, News Anchor, ext 228

Technical Services
Michael Yoshida, Chief Engineer/Chief Operator,, ext 218
Deverol Ross, Production Director/Computer Services,, ext 217
Mike Biggz, Traffic,
Steve Hawes, Transmitter Supervisor,, ext 215
Kirsten Thomas, Control Room Operator,, ext 216
Erica Bridgeman, Control Room Operator,, ext 216
Lucrecia Burton, Control Room Operator, ext 216
Carla West, Control Room Operator, ext 216
Rod Akil, Control Room Operator, ext 216

Miguel Guerrero, Web Producer,, ext 252

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Africa Today –
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Americas Back 40 –
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BAJABA Ear Thyme –
Bay Native Circle –,
Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth –
Behind the News with Doug Henwood –
Blues By The Bay –
Chocolate Beats Radio –
Con Sabor –
Counterspin –
Cover to Cover Bookwaves with Richard Wolinsky –
Cover to Cover Open Book – (coordinator);;;
Cover to Cover Mondays –
Cover to Cover with Jack Foley –
Cover to Cover with Jennifer Stone –
Dead To The World –
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Night Magic –
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Off The Beaten Path with Victoria Z –
Over the Edge –
Panhandle Country –
Pig In A Pen –
Pitch A Fit –
Point of Departure –
Project Censored –
Pushing Limits –
Puzzling Evidence –
Ritmo De Las Americas –
Rock en Rebelión –
Roots Kommunikations –
Rude Awakening –
Saturday Morning Talkies –
Settin the Standard with Pedro Reyes –
Sideshow Radio –
Sing Out –
Terra Verde –
The Bonnie Simmons Show –
The Gospel Experience –
The Hear and Now-
The Herbal Highway –
The History Of Funk –
The Pacifica Evening News –
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The Week Starts Here –
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Voices of the Middle East and North Africa –
Women’s Magazine –
WorkWeek –
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