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Executive Director for Pacifica Foundation


The Pacifica Foundation is seeking qualified applicants for consideration as the Executive Director for the Pacifica Foundation.
Please send cover letter, resume and references to: ED-Search-2021 at pacifica.org

TITLE: Executive Director
STATUS: Regular Full time
SITE: National Office – Pacifica Radio – Los Angeles, California
BENEFITS: Medical, Dental, Life, Disability (Upon Completion of Introductory Status)

I. Position Reports to: The Executive Director (ED) is selected, supervised and discharged by, and reports to, the collective body of the Pacifica National Board of Directors (PNB).

II. Definition: The Executive Director (hereafter referred to as “ED”) is the President of the Pacifica Foundation, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Administrator, and is responsible for management activities of the Foundation pursuant to the Pacifica Bylaws, including hiring of Station Managers of the five sister stations and National Staff with the exception of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO); implementation of Board policies and bylaws; and oversight of fund raising, development, national programming, financial stability, physical integrity, and compliance with CPB, FCC and ADA rules and regulations. The National Finance Staff works under the direction of the CFO. All Pacifica Staff, including the CFO and other National Finance Staff, report to the ED. Both the CFO and the ED report independently to the board.

III. The ED ensures that the Foundation operates in a fiscally and socially responsible fashion in compliance both with state and federal laws, and with the mission of the Foundation to operate radio outlets that encourage the creative skills and energies of the community; to contribute to a lasting understanding between nations and individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors; to gather and disseminate information on the causes of conflict between such groups; to promote the study of political and economic problems and of the causes of religious, philosophical and racial antagonisms; and to employ varied sources in the public presentation of accurate, comprehensive news on all matters affecting the community.



  1. Responsible for fund raising, such as oversight of grant writing, major donor events, direct mail campaigns, etc.
  2. Managing and supervising National Staff and General Managers to provide for the effective operation of the Foundation’s public radio stations and other business units in compliance with the objectives and policies of the Board of Directors and consistent with the Pacifica mission.
  3. Appointing and facilitating the work of a National Election Supervisor in each year when elections for delegates are held.
  4. Selecting General Managers for each sister station upon vacancy, from candidates presented by the Local Station Board (LSB).
  5. Selecting Interim General Managers when needed to fill vacancies.
  6. Hiring, coordinating and terminating supervised National staff. (Positions include, but are not limited to, the Human Resources Director, Pacifica Radio Archives Director, Assistant to the Director, National Technical Director, Affiliates Program Director, Webmaster, Network Programming Coordinator, News Bureau Director, Administrative Assistant, National Development Director).
  7. Conducting annual evaluations of supervised National Staff and General Managers, with recommendations in consultation with Human Resources where appropriate.


  8. Attending and participating in meetings of the PNB and Coordinating Committee, including teleconferences, regular and special meetings.
  9. Ensuring the effective organization of in-person PNB meetings, including preparation of Board packets, in cooperation and assisted by the Board Chair and/or Coordinating Committee.


  10. Conforming to the communication policies established by the Board, including accurate reports and provision of appropriate information for Directors upon request.
  11. Supporting the PNB in fulfilling its governance role through regular communication with the Board and its officers.


  12. Ensuring that stations and the network are managed according to state, FCC and CPB requirements, including state and federal labor and employment regulations, and that any grievances are addressed and resolved in a fair and timely manner.
  13. Participating in Union collective bargaining agreement negotiations and respond to Union requests in collaboration with the General Managers, CFO and Human Resources as appropriate.
  14. Supervising compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  15. Encouraging equal opportunity and diversity in staffing, management and programming at stations, the Pacifica Radio Archives, and in the National Office.


  16. Working with and supervising the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), overseeing the Foundation’s budget, and providing for fiscal integrity of the Foundation within the approved limits of the PNB.
  17. Developing fiscally sound budgets in coordination with the CFO, General Managers, and the Pacifica National Board Finance Committee.
  18. Reviewing financial statements with the CFO.
  19. Monitoring and/or authorizing expenditures as appropriate in accordance with budgets approved by the PNB, including but not limited to check authorization, reimbursements, consultant hires.
  20. Bringing contracts to the Coordinating Committee and PNB for review and/or approval, based on current policies.


  21. Providing opportunities for paid and unpaid staff and volunteers from network and affiliate stations to apply for participation in national coverage and/or national programming.
  22. Ensuring the development of excellent national programming that covers major political and cultural events and topics.
  23. Ensuring that technical systems, equipment, and structures adequate for the production and distribution of programs are maintained.
  24. Responsible for guiding the Foundation through technological changes and taking the lead in defining how to harness new technologies to promote Pacifica and its mission.
  25. Overseeing and developing Affiliate relations and other collaborations in order to encourage productive and mutually beneficial relationships.
  26. Promoting activities and development that makes it possible for Pacifica to maximize its audience and expand its membership.


  27. Managing litigation and other legal matters with the PNB, in consultation with Foundation counsel and other attorneys as needed. The ED and Foundation counsel are responsible for promptly reporting all legal matters to the PNB. Retainers with all attorneys may only be entered into with Board approval in the form of a motion passed by the collective board authorizing said contract.
  28. Developing, monitoring and enforcing procedures and policies, and maintaining confidentiality on legal, personnel and other appropriate matters in collaboration with the Human Resources Director or firm.


  29. Serving as spokesperson for the Pacifica Foundation, representing it in business relationships with other national and state nonprofits, government agencies, the media, professional organizations, and similar groups.
  30. Expanding positive public awareness of Pacifica through community events, media outreach efforts, and development of promotional campaigns, including prevailing technology and social media.
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