We speak with Pastor Ben McBride about the rally in Louisville, Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.  More than three months after police fatally shot Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, in her home, protesters are increasing the pressure on authorities to bring criminal charges against the three officers involved. And later, we speak … Continued

We speak with community organizers Rachel Jackson and Lisa Danz about organizing essential workers to take action on August 1st. We also speak with organizers about the coronavirus outbreak at San Quentin prison and the upcoming action to demand the state of California protect incarcerated people from the deadly covid-19 virus. The action is scheduled … Continued

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Coronavirus Capitalism

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We are potentially entering a period of austerity in the US at a level not seen since the Great Depression. By mid-April, over 22 million people had filed for unemployment benefits. And its unclear whether jobs and businesses that people left behind will still be there once stay-at-home orders are lifted. The world as we … Continued

0:08 – The Trump administration’s management of medical supplies Cyrus Farivar (@cfarivar) reporter in the tech investigative unit at NBC, co-authored a massive investigation into how the Trump administration is steering emergency medical supply contracts at nbcnews.com 0:34 – Why are hospitals cutting healthcare workers during a crisis? Michael Sainato (@msainat1) is a labor reporter … Continued

0:08 – Coronavirus outbreak shuts down large events, how will it impact workers? Joelle Gamble (@joelle_gamble) is an economist and organizer. She is a principal at the Reimagining Capitalism initiative at Omidyar Network and is on the Board of Directors of the Roosevelt Institute. Her latest piece in the Nation Magazine is “A Survival Guide … Continued

We speak with longtime activists Courtney Morris and Minister King X of No Justice Under Capitalism about the current challenges faced by those who are incarcerated and the ravages of COVID-19. The group is pressuring Governor Gavin Newsom to release prisoners in California amid coronavirus outbreaks. Later we speak with Shawn Upshaw a member of … Continued